New York Survival Tips #2

Time to get self righteous again! I like this little series I think I solely created….let me know if you like it. Any tips? Edits? I promise to take it as constructive criticism.

As stated previously, New York City can be a complicated place. Especially if you’re trying to “find yourself”. But today’s post has to do with something more essential to possibly living in the big city: Money. Cash. Cheddar. Funds. What have you.

If you are broke or close to it. If you bring in less than $3,000 monthly AFTER taxes. Don’t try and live in the borough of Manhattan. Just don’t. No matter how cool Carrie Bradshaw’s place looks and how cheap you think you can decorate your own shoebox apartment from items exclusively sold on Etsy. Don’t do it. It isn’t smart.

Go where all the cool kids are going. Up above is a map for some of NYC, the pin locates Astoria, Queens. Convenient, cultural and awesome. There’s always Brooklyn (parts of it) which is the new Manhattan. I would even suggest parts of NJ like Hoboken or Jersey City. What I won’t suggest is Staten Island because NO SUBWAY LINES CAN CONNECT YOU THERE (WTF) and Long Island…you might as well just live in Manhattan.

I won’t go on and on. Also no disrespect to Staten Island. I just…nevermind. I was born & raised in Queens and can’t imagine living in another borough. Just find the place that you can call home with out all of your pennies going into rent.

Also unlimited Metrocards are your best friend. 



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